EnsoEarth Good Grow Instructions

EnsoEarth - Good Grow - Direction for Use 

Shake well before use

Prior to diluting with water is important to shake the Good Grow bottle to ensure proper mixing of the ingredients.

Dilute with water

EnsoEarth Good Grow is a concentrated Foliage Spray and Soil Conditioner and must be diluted with water before spraying plants or watering soil.  Use within 3 days of diluting with water. 

Leaving tap water to stand overnight in an open container will improve the quality of the water, as it allows added chemicals such as chlorine to escape through evaporation.

Dilution rates foliage spray 
10mls per litre of water 

Dilution rates for Watering Directly into Soil 
20mls to 100mls per litre of water 

The dilution rate can be adjusted to suit your requirements, even the smallest amount is beneficial.  

When and How Often to Apply

Apply Good Grow in the early morning or late afternoon, avoiding extreme heat and direct sunlight.

Any amount of Good Grow is going to benefit your plants, even if you apply only once, however applying less more often is better than more less often. 
There is no too often with Good Grow    

Apply at a frequency that suits you which can be  weekly, fortnightly monthly, key growing periods, pre flowering, and pre planting. 

Happy Gardening!
Worm Wishes!

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