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Why must we ‘feed’ our soil organic matter?

Written by Bokashi Composting Australia on August 24th, 2016.      0 comments

A good soil is mainly made up of organic matter, which consists or decomposed that was once living ie. Weeds, plant material, animal waste and animal bodies.
This breakdown of organic matter into the soil enables the availability of nutrients such as vitamins and minerals to be available to the plant.
The crumbly, moist texture of a healthy soil encourages worms and other organisms to live and thrive in this type of soil, which also provide an ideal environment and added nutrition for plants growing in the same soil.
Soil needs to be thought of as a living growing system, that has ongoing requirement including water, nutrition and organisms living within it.
There are many different approaches to composting organic matter to turn it into the end product ‘hummus’ (rich crumbly black soil).
By adding organic matter from a full Bokashi One bucket, the soil is given a boost of nutrition from the organic matter itself (fermented food scraps) and the bokashi mixture of microorganisms that are essential to the bokashi compost process. These both add a benefit to the garden when it comes time to burying the fermented scraps from the Bokashi One kitchen composting system.
Layering the matter onto the soil and then burying the organic matter is the best way to ensure it is accurately returning nutrients to the garden.
It can take 4-12 weeks to fill up a Bokashi One kitchen composting system depending on a number of variants. These include:
  • The amount of household kitchen scraps are added
  • The type of kitchen scraps that are added
  • How much volume of water retention that is present in the waste
Always ensure that the lid for the Bokashi One kitchen composting system is on the bucket tight. This ensures the anaerobic activity is able to work its way through the organic matter and breakdown the scraps.


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