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Prepare soil for spring gardening with compost

Written by Bokashi Composting Australia on August 5th, 2016.      8 comments

Making sure that the soil is nourished in Winter will prepare soils for plants in Spring and Summer. So now is the perfect time to tend to the soil and ensure it is supplied with the right kinds of nutrients in order to have it in good condition for spring and summer gardening activities.

Winter soil nutrients
A good soil is a complex web of life that is nutrient rich, has earthworms, beneficial fungi and bacteria, smells good and is moist and crumbly. This type of soil is able to provide the right environment for gardening and can be used to support a number of different plants, vegetables and fruits.
A soil that is less healthy is hard in texture, has little life left in it and is not supportive of plant life.
According to Tenth Acre Farm, a good soil tilth will have lots of organic matter, be well aerated, well drained but feel like a wrung-out sponge. It’s also important to replenish the soil each year so that it doesn’t get depleted.
Australian soils are often low in organic matter and therefore require some extra attention in order to build them up to support a sustainable plant production.
It is important to know how to improve soils with organic matter. Recycling food scraps from the kitchen, which would otherwise be thrown into landfill is a good way to start.

Balancing compost materials
The balancing act of compost requires a balance of both Carbon and Nitrogen sources.
Materials high in Nitrogen will compost faster and those high in carbon will decompose slower.
If the materials are too fast or slow to decompose, the nutrients will not be easily broken down into the soil. It is recommended that a compost has a large range of ingredients; kitchen scraps, animal manure, leaves, grass.

Clay soil
Clay soils are very dense and do not drain well making them compact and not loose. This soil can be difficult for organic matter and compost to break down into nutrients for the soil. However, continuing to add organic matter to the soil will eventually loosen the soil and enable better soil to come about with earthworms able to inhabit the soil.

When considering fertilisers, it’s important to keep in mind the major plant nutrients nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.
There are a number of great organic fertilisers available today, so it is not always necessary to use synthetic fertilisers to provide a nutrient boost to soil.
According to Mother Earth News, grass clippings make a fantastic and readily available fertiliser for soil.

Bokashi One Composting

Bokashi One Compost not only provides the soil with nutrients from the food waste it is also teeming with microbes from the Bokashi One Mix.  Additionally, Bokashi One Juice is full of beneficial microbes, and can be added to the soil and plants as a liquid fertiliser.  This all leads to a soil that:
  • is more disease resistant,
  • has more nutrients such as antioxidants, vitamins, organic acids and minerals,
  • is enhanced in structure
  • retains more moisture to provide a suitable environment for root growth
  • is welcoming to earthworms and other soil-enhancing organisms.


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