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How quickly does the waste in an EnsoPet composts?

Written by Maree O'Malley on November 27th, 2020.      4 comments

How quickly waste in an EnsoPet composts?

How many dogs can one EnsoPet handle?

How long does it take to fill an EnsoPet?

These are three great questions the answers all depend on the rate of composting. Composting can vary considerably from one garden to the next, even if they are in the same street. There are many factors that contribute to the rate of composting, such as climate, moisture levels, the condition and type of soil, what the dog is fed. Composting will be faster in warmer weather, if your garden needs watering so will your EnsoPet, good drainage is also beneficial. The condition and type of soil is also a factor, composting with EnsoPet will improve the condition of the soil, so if at first the waste is slow to compost it will sped up over time as you continue to compost with EnsoPet.  

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Another significant factor, especially with an inground composter such as EnsoPet, is air flow, composting needs oxygen. Aerating the waste to improve oxygen flow is of enormous benefit with the EnsoPet, a garden trowel or fork can be used, or what works the best is a compost aerator, which looks like a giant cork screw, these are sold at most hardware or garden stores. The more the waste is aerated the better it will compost. Adding waste and EnsoPet Starter in small amounts often rather than large amount infrequently will produce better results, EnsoPet Starter will accelerate the breakdown of the waste by at least 50%.  

I only have one EnsoPet and it has not filled up in over 2 years. I have one small dog, and very healthy soil. If the EnsoPet does fill up it can be moved to another part of the garden. Depending on the condition of your soil this can be relatively easy.  Another option is to use additional EnsoPet using them on alternative days/week, which gives the waste time to breakdown before more waste is added.   



Gwyn says ...
We have a golden retriever, another dog the same size and a pug. How many ensopets do we need? We live on a rural property could we just dispose of the waste in the Sandy areas of the paddocks and sprinkle with starter? We have 3 large compost heaps for horse manure, stable sawdust and garden and kitchen waste. We were told not to add dog poo to it.. I can’t remember why? We put our house hold kitchen waste in a bokashani bin for a couple of weeks first. Thanks for any info you can provide! Gwyn
Bokashi Composting Australia says ...
Hi Gwyn, it is hard to say how many EnsoPets you would need as composting varies depending on many factors such as the once mentioned in this blog. I would recommend 2 units. If you choose just to leave the waste on the ground, rather than under it, sprinkling EnsoPet Starter on top would certainly assist with reducing smell and accelerating the breakdown. It is ok to add dog poo to compost if you are not growing food with the compost, its beneficial for ornamental gardens.
Sez says ...
Hi Maree - I'm looking to use my ensopet to compost my cat's waste. Most of what I put in will consist of her recycled paper pellet kitty litter. Would I need to add anything other than the starter to keep the compost mix balanced? thanks!
Bokashi Composting Australia says ...
Hi Sez, Thanks for your question. You should not have to add anything else. Please be mindful not to add too much paper as you don't want to fill the composer up too quickly. Aerating the waste will significantly improve the composting rate.
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