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How quick can the EnsoPet compost?

Written by Bokashi Composting Australia on May 11th, 2016.      9 comments

We are often asked the question, ‘how much faecal matter can the EnsoPet compost?’. 

The daily volume of pet faecal matter the EnsoPet will tolerate depends on the composting rate. There are many factors that contribute to the speed of composting, foremost of which is the condition of the soil. 

If the soil is healthy, with a plentiful supply of microbes and worms, then the composting process will be accelerated. But composting also needs oxygen, so if an EnsoPet is filling up too quickly, the composting process will be slowed due to the inability of oxygen to get in and play its part. 

Your EnsoPet will perform much better and give you better results if your pet faecal matter is added often and in small amounts, rather than in large amounts infrequently. A good rule of thumb is to add daily, not weekly.

Temperature and moisture levels are also relevant – the warmer the weather, the quicker the composting. So, if your garden needs watering, so will your EnsoPet. But too much water hinders the composting process, so it is recommended that you install your EnsoPet in an area where the drainage is good. 

EnsoPet Starter is full of beneficial micro-organisms, which have been proven to speed up the composting process by at least 50 per cent. As an estimate, 300 grams per day should compost well. If your EnsoPet is filling up quickly and does not appear to be composting well, you simply need to reduce the amount of waste added. Additional EnsoPets can be installed as needed to assist with this.

Composting is a great way to improve soil condition and dispose of pet faecal matter. Using EnsoPet, the integrity of your soil will improve daily, and the compost rate will accelerate the more you use your EnsoPet.

Customer feedback
A Bokashi customer who uses an Ensopet to put the “poo to boot” from his beloved adult Newfoundland noticed a marked improvement after only five weeks of using the Bokashi EnsoPet composting system. Here is his feedback on using EnsoPet:

“I went ahead and purchased an EnsoPet pet waste composter. It's been in the ground since January, and I'm putting approximately 700grm of poo per day into it. It's not full yet, so I assume it’s breaking down. I don't think there's need for a second unit. Very pleased with the product – it's keeping my yard tidy!"

Have you had similar results with your EnsoPet? We’d love to hear from you! 




Nell says ...
Not impressed with the enso pet composter. Bought one 18mths ago. Did everything as per instructions, daily small amounts poo plus composter over it. Placed in ground between my 2 household compost bins that compost very well with plenty of worms, and other compost life.. But the level of poo did not reduce. Eventually it filled to the top. Over past 8 to 10 months, the level has not changed inside. Bit of mold growth on surface but nothing happening, so we are back to piling it up in garden and covering with soil. Could plant roots be clogging it up? Neighbour has golden duranta hedge on other side of the fence?

Di says ...
My ensopet container filled up about 9 months ago. Level has remained full.followed instructions. It was placed near a large jacaranda in the shade. We live in a warm temperate climate. Dug it up just now. Not composted, no signs of life. Should I put it somewhere warmer next time? Could it go next to or near household compost bin. Or might that be a proble. At least I know there are worms there.
dsmall says ...
Ours filled up after about 9 months and has not broken down at all! very disappointed about spending $80 on this system.
Wen says ...
Our small dog is now 2 yrs old and we had to buy a second Ensopet set because the first one got full after some 9 months. We thought we did it wrong so dug another location with the second unit. Same thing, filling up real fast despite following instructions closely. Old one still remained full after nearly 1 year on despite watering around it & adding on some of the starter mix. Not sure what to do next. Don't think this Ensopet solution is as effective as it claims to be.
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