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Great Christmas Gift Ideas for Pets and Pet Owners

Written by Bokashi Composting Australia on November 17th, 2016.      0 comments


Healthy Pet Food
Pet food certainly isn’t cheap, especially if you want to feed your pet food that is actually good for them. Giving the gift of healthy pet food will not only save your friend some money, it will also be an investment in the health and happiness of their pet. For maximum effect, find out about what their pet’s favourite foods are before making your purchase.

A Pet Poop Composter
Dogs and cats generate a lot of waste, and while eco-friendly poop bags or biodegradable litter are one way to deal with it, the most eco-friendly solution is to compost it. 
Pet waste composting requires a specialised system that is designed to kill harmful pathogens and creates compost that is ideal for enriching the soil around non-edible plants. If you have a friend who has a pet as well as a garden, a pet waste composting system makes an ideal gift – systems which use the bokashi method (like the EnsoPet), and worm farms are two of your best options. An eco-friendly present benefits not only your friend, but the environment as well.
A Pet Portrait
Are you buying for a pet owner who seems to have everything? Give them a gift that they will cherish forever by having a local artist paint their pet’s portrait. This is a particularly thoughtful gift for those whose pets are entering the later stages of their life, and if the portrait’s style and colours are right it can make a marvellous addition to their home’s interior design. 
Grooming Products
Make it easy for that pet owner to pamper their beloved pet by giving them a few quality grooming products. You can get high-quality shampoos and conditioners for pets that are made from all-natural ingredients, or if their pet is dealing with fleas, pick up an eco-friendly flea treatment! A decent brush or a new pair of clippers is also sure to be appreciated.
Amazing Accessories
The best presents are often products that you didn’t even know existed, so take a look at the vast array of pet accessories and you’re bound to find something amazing. Whether you pick up a fancy collar, a glow in the dark toy or a bag of gourmet organic treats, look for items that you know they will actually use.
Pet Sitting
As wonderful as it is to be a pet owner, unless you have someone willing to pet sit for you, having a furry child can make it difficult to spend time away from home. Offering your pet sitting services for a specific period of time is a practical gift that you know will be appreciated, so make up a personalised certificate that your friend can redeem whenever they want.
If you are still unsure of the best gift for your pet owner friend, look online, ask your local pet shop or get advice from other pet owners. If you are thinking of gifting a pet composting system, talk to the experts at Bokashi


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